Jenny is a experienced senior leader in education, and has extensive knowledge in supporting a vast range of complex needs and disabilities. With a career spanning over two decades as a teacher, maths leader, SENDCO and Assistant Headteacher, Jenny’s commitment to inclusive pedagogy has been instrumental in ensuring that all students, regardless of their challenges, can access the full curriculum and thrive academically.
Throughout her career, Jenny has demonstrated a deep understanding of the diverse needs of learners with disabilities and special educational needs (SEND). From cognitive disabilities to physical impairments, she is an advocated of inclusive learning environments where every student feels valued and supported and is able to thrive.
Jenny champions professional development initiatives designed to equip teachers with the skills and resources needed to effectively adapting teaching for students with SEND. From differentiated instruction techniques to assistive technologies, she has supported educators to cultivate inclusive classrooms to unlock the potential of every student so that they can thrive and succeed in our diverse world.