Policies and procedures

All HCAT policies are divided into categories –

Complaints & Whistleblowing
Information Governance & Security
Leadership & Governance
Pay, Human Resources & Conduct
Safeguarding, Wellbeing, Health & Safety

Links to the policies can be found below –

Policy NameCategory
ComplaintsComplaints & Whistleblowing
Dignity at WorkComplaints & Whistleblowing
Grievance PolicyComplaints & Whistleblowing
WhistleblowingComplaints & Whistleblowing
HCAT Equality PolicyEqualities
Recruitment and SelectionEqualities
Charging & RemissionsFinance
ESFA Academies Financial Handbook 2023Finance
HCAT Strategic Plan Finance
Confidentiality & Sharing InformationInformation Governance & Security
Data Protection & GDPR StatementInformation Governance & Security
DfE Information SharingInformation Governance & Security
Freedom of InformationInformation Governance & Security
GDPR Statement – StaffInformation Governance & Security
GDPR Statement – StakeholdersInformation Governance & Security
DfE Competency Framework for GovernanceLeadership & Governance
DfE Governance HandbookLeadership & Governance
DFE School Inspection Handbook Section 5Leadership & Governance
DFE School Inspection Handbook Section 8Leadership & Governance
HCAT Articles of AssociationLeadership & Governance
HCAT Scheme of DelegationLeadership & Governance
HCAT ProspectusLeadership & Governance
DFE School Teachers Pay and conditions 2023Pay, Human Resources & Conduct
HCAT Appraisal PolicyPay, Human Resources & Conduct
HCAT Disciplinary procedures and policyPay, Human Resources & Conduct
HCAT Code of ConductPay, Human Resources & Conduct
HCAT Substance Misuse PolicyPay, Human Resources & Conduct
HCAT Pay PolicyPay, Human Resources & Conduct
Shared Leave Inc. Maternity/Paternity LeavePay, Human Resources & Conduct
Supporting Staff AttendancePay, Human Resources & Conduct
Special Leave (paid & unpaid)Pay, Human Resources & Conduct
Allegations of Abuse against employeesSafeguarding, Wellbeing, Health & Safety
DfE Children Missing in Education Safeguarding, Wellbeing, Health & Safety
DfE Information Sharing Safeguarding, Wellbeing, Health & Safety
DFE Keeping Children Safe in EducationSafeguarding, Wellbeing, Health & Safety
DFE Prevent Duty GuidanceSafeguarding, Wellbeing, Health & Safety
DfE What to do if your worried a child is being abusedSafeguarding, Wellbeing, Health & Safety
DfE Working together to Safeguard ChildrenSafeguarding, Wellbeing, Health & Safety
HCAT Health & Safety PolicySafeguarding, Wellbeing, Health & Safety
HCAT Safeguarding / Child ProtectionSafeguarding, Wellbeing, Health & Safety
HCAT Child on Child Abuse PolicySafeguarding, Wellbeing, Health & Safety
Use of Reasonable ForceSafeguarding, Wellbeing, Health & Safety