HCAT Strategic Plan

In September 2017, the HCAT MAT Board published the Trust’s Strategic Plan, which outlines the 5 year business objectives and growth ambitions for the Trust.

As a Multi Academy Trust we have clear strategic aims which are founded in our visions and values. The Strategic Plan 2017-2020 outlines the goals and targets of HCAT over the next 3 years to ensure that as a Trust, the public, parents and all stakeholders have confidence in our approach.

The Strategic Plan:

Shares and defines the vision of the Trust for the next three years
Expands on the Trust’s strategic objectives
Defines the key goals and performance measures that will demonstrate our successes and the success of the individual academies
Explains how we will track opportunities and risks in a continually changing environment
Builds upon the individual academy successes already achieved.

HCAT has chosen to focus on two important principles, all academies working towards outstanding and this being achieved at pace. It has carefully worked on embedding systems and processes in order to have the solid foundations upon which it can take the next steps in its growth.

Click to download a copy of the HCAT Strategic Plan HCAT Strategic Plan 2017-2020