Financial Information

Accounts Documentation

The Academies Financial Handbook 2020 states that Trusts must publish on their website the number of employees whose benefits exceed £100k. Below is the extract for our Trust to August 21.

BandNo of Employees

We believe the Key Personnel for our Trust are included here.

Our Trust uses the DFE Benchmarking Tool and the link to our information can be found here.

HCAT Multi Academy Trust is required to publish its annual accounts, please see below the latest accounts information

HCAT Final Accounts 2019-2020

HCAT Final Accounts 2018-2019

HCAT Final Accounts 2017-2018

HCAT Final Accounts 2016-2017

HCAT Final Accounts 2015-2016

Other Documentation relating to our Academies –

Hoyland Common MAT Articles of Association

Supplementary Funding Agreement – Milefield July 2021

Supplementary Funding Agreement – Mapplewell Feb 2020

Supplementary Funding Agreement – WCPS Dec 2019

Master Funding Agreement – Horizon May 2019

Supplemental Funding Agreement – Horizon May 2019

Deed of Variation to Hoyland Funding Agreement

Supplementary Funding Agreement – WGPS Oct 2016

Register of Business Interest HCAT 2021