I am delighted to welcome you to HCAT. The trust was established to continue and share the philosophy of collaboration developed by Hoyland Common Primary School and Tykes Teaching Alliance. At HCAT, we firmly believe in school autonomy; member schools benefit from maintaining their own identity with access to shared best practice across a range of schools. This allows schools to focus on the key priorities of teaching and learning whilst the trust can lead on the financial and resource management and provide high quality school improvement. With the educational landscape changing at such an unprecedented rate, the trust aims to provide support and will work in collaboration to ensure that each school within HCAT continues to thrive, leading to improved educational outcomes for all its members.


The development of HCAT is rooted in ensuring that children received a world class education. Children get one chance at their school education and we believe that, by schools working effectively in collaboration, we can ensure that one chance unlocks the potential for lifelong learning for all of our children.